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A Digital Collecting Experience made for Dr. Seuss fans!

Join the fun that is funny when you buy, collect, trade, gift, and share officially-licensed stickers & digital trading cards!

It’s easy, affordable fun for all!

Start Collecting Now!


A whole new way to show your love of the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Grinch, Horton the Elephant, The Lorax, Sam-I-Am, 


Buy Packs.

It starts with easy-to-buy packs of cards, stickers or other digital objects. 

The packs contain randomly selected items. Each pack is a surprise!

Get Cool Stuff!

Get duplicates of some, none of others in Limited or Standard Editions. Packs available in the shop are always changing, get updates on new, exclusive pack drops.


Trade. Buy. Sell.

Complete sets by trading with friends and other fans or buying from the shop or Marketplace.



Organize, display, & show off in the app and social media. Rank on leaderboards. Join challenges. Collect them all!


Why collect Seussibles! digital collectibles?

We’re on a mission to bring fans more of what they love about their favorite characters and brands. Collecting has always been a great way to express fandom, and digital collecting is another way to interact with the world of Dr. Seuss.

We continuously create new and unique Seussibles! content exclusive to our platform. What’s more, we have built a fun and thriving community of Seussibles! fans to hang with, trade, buy, sell, compete with and celebrate cool stuff with.

Like to chat on Discord?
Join Ours!

Create a Tibles account and join from the iOS app in the Clubhouse Forum, or login now and join via the Clyde logo.


Tibles is Web3 digital collectibles company committed to making digital collecting as authentic and satisfying as physical collecting.

We’ll be launching a range of new products over the year. If you’d like to join our early access users and be among those on the inside track, sign up now!

We have a thriving and engaged community. Join us today!

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